Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Could life get any better?
Beautiful sunny day, sun reflecting off the water!
Your boat gliding over the water with a gentle breeze to push you along.
Ahh the peace and the quite as you drift onlong on your journey.
I came home to this beautiful sunset.
Notice the colors and I did not adjust those at all.
Then see the X in the Sky, like GOD said
"X marks the spot for heaven."
I just had to share!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ever take pictures of just odd little things you see?
I took this photo of this small tiny flower,
while I was at association island on vacation.
Or how about a close up of a piece of swamp grass?
Even a milk weed pod makes a pretty picture!
Or change the view and look up!
Clouds can make a nice photo.
Clouds can change from plain to whispy to destinctive in
just a matter of a few minutes.
 Making them a good subject to photography!

Then there are the tress and all of their oddities!
What is this growth upon this tree?
I have no idea but it looks like a rough version of a pine cone,
 but it is the bark.
Can you see the face in this bark?
And to think it actually grew like this!
This one is a little harder to see,
 but there is a face in this one as well.
Photos can be of interesting things around us ,
not just of people and places.