Friday, April 30, 2010

I took this picture because I am fascinated on how blue the river looks in it.
Now mind you when I was standing there taking the picture,
 it looked like a greenish gray river and pond inlet.
Why does a camera not capture the true colors?
Could it just be the reflection of the sky above?
Ok so we went to a resturant that claims to be a family resturant.
My question is why would you hang these on the side of the deck if it is a family resturant?
What does this teach the kids that go to this resturant?
I personally think if your going to hang these,
 hang them near the bar area, not the deck where the kids go out to eat.
They won't let you hang cigarette signs out where kids can be influenced by them.
Why is it ok to hang out these where the kids can be influenced by them?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ahhh the street sign  standing tall on the corner of the road.
Why on the corner? So,passer by can know
 that the street they are looking for is just
around the corner.
Ah yes these roadways and where do they go?
Here and there and everywhere.
I travel roadways all the time in the work I do as well
as in the lesiure times.
Ever wonder where a road would take you?
My brother and I will take a road just to see where we will end up.
My husband gets worried when we do this,he thinks he will be lost forever.
But pick a bright sunnyday and remember the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
For those directionally challenged I suggest a GPS!
Try that road less traveled it might be the begining of a new adventure!
have you ever wandered through a cemetary?
Well let me tell you ,the other day it was beautiful out and
there were so many people wandering around this cemetary taking pictures.
I am not that fascinated with cemetaries but these people were.
Headstones of old and a cross of wood.
Now I had to find the plague that told the story and
why all the people came to this cemetary and took pictures.
There it was the monument in the field of head stones that explained it all.
The plague was attached in honor of those buried deep within the ground.
It was a Revolutinary war cemetary.
These are the graves of those who fought the battles long ago,
on the very ground that I stood.
I do not want to go into the depicting of the battle zone,that is just to errie.
But they say there is a group who have ghost hunts on certain nights of the year within this cemetary.
I for one have no desire to go out hunting ghosts of fallen soldiers.
But now I know why so many were there taking pictures.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Did you ever have a tree just catch your eye?
Well this tree did that to me!
It is a lonely little tree amongst the taller trees,that seem to over power it,But for one thing ,
This tiny tree has some beautiful flowers that attracts not only the bees, but My eye.
I just thought this would make a nice picture for my blog and now that I posted it ,I was right!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This was once a vibrant Farm.
Now this barn is not being used,it just sits there.
Some of the windows are broken out , the roof needs new shingles,
the barn needs painting. the silo is starting to lean ,as is the barn.
I can remember when I was young,my dad and I would take my cousin to this farm
so he could hay it with the farmer.
He worked long hours baling hay and stacking it in this barn.
They did not have the conveyor belts to take it up the hay mow, they
actually had to use rope and ladders and hard working farm hands.
Now those farm hands are old and retired , the hay sets in the fields,
and the Barn well it is still standing ,but for how many years is anyones guess.
They call this progress!
I call it devastation!
Why do contractors think they need to destroy so many trees?
Can they not put the houses in and save some of the trees?
To them this is a pile of logs.
To me this is a waste of  young trees that could have been saved for shade, or
to help filter out the bad air near this road.
At least if they are going to fell the trees USE them for something!

I know winter is over but I just love this shoreline picture!
The reflection of the sun on the ice winter snow.
The deep blue of the lake.
Even the ground has its place in this picture.

Monday, April 26, 2010

What a nice sunset down by the river tonight,
the clouds look like satin they were so smooth.
With the golden glow of the sunjust kissing the edges.
This is the same sunset but a different location in front of my house.
Amazing how light can be so beautiful ,
and yet reflect differently from one place to another.
The difference in time is about 12 minutes from one location to another.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Have you ever seen such perfect roses?
I just love the coral color roses against the brillant white babies breath.
I think this is photo is simple but oh so elegant!

Another amazing shot I got when I was visiting my cousin.
I saw this sky just as it was getting dark outside.
I liked the way the colors shown against the shadowy dark
of the church and trees and houses.
Just think all those colors and no paint pallette recorded it!

Have you ever seen a sky like this?
This photo has not been retouched.
The actual picture came out with the colors that I saw
, except they were much more vibirant.
You can just barely see the pinks but the blues show up nicely.
This was a amazing color blend on that particular day.
People have been asking if we are going to be doing any camping this year,
 and the answer is yes!
We will be going to the place in this picture.
It is a amazing place as in the hottest part of summer
 there is a gentle breeze blowing across.
This breeze keeps all the mosquitos at bay.
Not one mosquito bite last year being here.
The sunsets are also amazing!
I will have to post when i get some new ones as the old one
were lost when the computer crashed.
But TRUST ME they are amazing!
Can't wait to get there,hurry hurry and open!
I just love birthday parties don't you?
All the beautiful decorations and the activities that are planned.
And lets not forget the presents, the most inportant part though is the one who's birthday it is.
This picture was taken in 2004 at my granddaughters Birthday party.
I just love all the colors and the abundance of balloons they had.
That was a very fun birthday party indeed!
I had asked for the drainage ditch to be cleaned out.
The county desided that as long as they were cleaning out the ditch,
they would go a little further and scrap the side of the bank as well.
I had my daffodils planted there and I was sure they were hauled away with all the dirt.
But to my surprise :
They survived!

Can you picture it?
The ships going up and down the river taking cargo and people to their destinations.
It is a lazy hazy day, and there are some fishermen along the waters edge
 trying to get the one that got away from a former fisherman.
The ships are going slowly not to disrupt the fishing going on.
The boats captain is asking the crew to make sure the cargo is secure.
The people on the

ship are enjoying the hazy day and they wave to the people along the shore.
Ok, so it is not happening in the picture but Imagine all of it and it is.
Trains,,,but why are they not moving?
I found these trains just parked on the tracks,
over an knoll near the lake.
I wondered why they were just sitting there.
Had I walked down the tracks I might have discovered why.
 But because I was pressed for time I could not.
And so the mystery remains!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I liked this photo because of all the shadows and contrast going on.
You have the sun casting its glow on the wood.
You have the shadows springing up here and there.
You have the lighter and darker effects going on.
Of course you have the healthy trees and the not so healthy trees.
I mentioned I like trains...LOL
This train is homemade and they kids like riding on it as well as the adults.
Even the baby rode the train and he seemed quit content in doing so.

Now tell me who would not want to walk on such a beautiful trail?
This is where I spent the day today.
The woods were beautiful and yes there are many more pictures, but
I promised my daughter I would not post her picture on my blog and I aslo promised the others who were there.
I will tell you this it was a amazing day! We BBQed and we rode rhino 4 wheeler and a golf cart and motor bikes and go cart.
And everyone got to hold the new baby , I did not hold him because I have had a cold and I did not want to give it to him.
All in All An AMAZING DAY!
This is just a picture of the lake.
I liked the way the bushes stood out against the backdrop of the lake.
But I love the lake!
This is called GUESS.
Do you know what this is a picture of?
I mean besides lots of green.
Maybe you have these growing in your yard.

I went to do work yesterday ,
and found these beautiful tulip.
 The first word that came to my mind was SPRING!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ahh, to be a seagull and soar where ever you like!
Meet up with friends at the spur of the moment ,and land safely
near the waters edge or even on the water.
Fondly shout out a HEY to the friends coming in for a landing.
And when you have had enough fun and chat to be able to,
 just take off without having to make reservations or check your bags.
Flying to places unknown or to those familiar homesteads.
Gulls have it made!
DID I tell you I like railroad tracks? (smiles)
I was thinking these tracks are near the lake, how beautiful it must have been back then to ride the rails along the lake and have that majestic view to look at as you slowly meandered along to you destination.
If  you have any ideas for photos please feel free to let me know, I love to snap snap snap those photos !
Ever think of what a bug would see if he was among the tulips as they were growing?
I put my camera down on the ground among the tulips and snapped this photo.
I kind of think it is neat to see  and imagination is a wonderful thing, don't you think?
I found him! Who you say? The tree from, the wizard of OZ!
I was out taking pictures today and I found this tree and the holes in it reminded me of the tree from the wizard of OZ the one that slapped them for picking his apples.
I just had to share ...LOL
DId you ever wonder about a sight you saw?
When traveling into the next city from us you see these 2 in the skyway.
I often joke with my Husband and tell him,
 his giant pool sticks are waiting for him to shoot some pool.
He tells me he thinks they look like big cigarette filters.
Today I decided to check them out and see what exactly they are. And this is what those 2 actually belong to:
It seems they are chimmney stacks for a local Plant in that city. They do not seem as impressiver now that I know what they actually belong too.

It was a beautiful day today so I went to the lake and while I was there I took a bunch of pictures.
The sun with the clear skies made for an amazing photo shoot day!
The dark blue lake against the light blue sky, Who could ask for a more perfect color combination?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have you ever gotten that perfect flower arrangement?
I did one time for my birthday from my daughters back in 2004.
It was beautiful white roses, I could not have wanted a more beautiful flower arrangement.
Of course there were more flowers then the photo shows, but I being dizzy minded, never thought of taking the picture until some of the flowers had died off.
When I came to my senses I grabbed my camera and took this photo of the remaining roses.
I could not have had a more perfect present, and the reason being Yes they are beautiful Yes they were the perfect arrangment,BUT because they were sent to me with love from my daughters!
I came home from work in the summer of 2004 to this hanging on my window shutter.
I had never seen anything like this before and at first I thought "what an odd leaf" .
Needless to say I was wrong! I looked closer and found the antenna.
I did not touch this creature as I was not sure if it would be dangerous to touch.
I quickly went to the computer and typed in butterlfies, but nothing came up.
I then typed in Moths and sure enough it has a name,this my friends is a Luna moth.
This moth would have been a treasure to capture and keep ,but as we all know,
wild things live longer if left in their own habitat,so, I did just that. I got my picture and then I watched the moth for a while and when I went in to make lunch that day and came back out the Luna Moth had flown away.
This photo reminds me of a group of people just waiting for spring to get here.
Can you picture it all these benches filled with people taking in a afternoon of watching the ships going up and down the river?
Maybe a man and a woman are on the bench, the man with his arm around the shoulder of his love.
There sets a child and her parent and the parent is explaining how the waterway used to carry people to the big island for fun and activities.
I just love the benches and my day dreaming!
I took this photo one evening as I was going downtown.
The sunset was so pretty and the way it shadowed the pine trees was amazing.
Of course a photo can not capture the true feeling that you have by being there, but it came out ok.
These trees just looked like a mass of shadows against the snow on the ground.
Hope you enjoy them as I do.

Keys of old

Do you love KEYS?
Ever wonder what you can do with old keys?
My son in law had a good idea he displayed them in frames.
I love the way he has chosen to mount these keys.This makes me want to start buying old keys.
Just a photo for those who have old keys and wonder what to do with them.

They make a beautiful display on a hallway wall or in an office or just on the wall of a older home.

Train Tracks

Train tracks just fascinate me!

How they just strecth for miles and miles, laid out to take people and merchandise ,Etc. on trips.
Do you ever wonder where the track will end up or how long it is or will it end or just keep going?
When I was young I used to daydream that train tracks could take me to fascinating places with beautiful people and tons of great things waiting at the other end. Now I am grown and have traveled the rails but once. Oh yes I love this type of travel,however my husband does not.
I will one day travel this way again, but until then I will dream of the travels I am missing.