Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Don't you just love fireworks?

All the different displays that are put out there just amaze me!

You have the spikes, kind of looking like a wheat field.

You have the ones that look like a urchin or a sideways jelly fish.

You have the ones that look like spiders.

You have the stardust with twinkles.

There are the spiney kind or star bursts.

You have your carnations.

And then you have the big ending.
I always love the way they end.
All the colors and all the smoke and sounds
Makes the whole thing worth watching!
I do so Love the Fireworks!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I took the most relaxing trip this past weekend.

I crossed the stone bridge to the Island and it was wonderful!

The clouds would make you think a storm was coming in,
then the clouds would disappear and the sun would come out again.

There were some amazing sunsets!

No two sunsets are ever exactly the same on the island.

And some sunsets set the sky a blaze!

Or it can light up a sail boat in a beautiful way!

And this weekend was military appreciation weekend,
there was a rock climbing wall and scuba diving lessons, and paddle boat rides
there was wine tasting and food .
My husband and I
Volunteered to help out.

Even people from the main land came to the island
to enjoy the festivities.
I even got to meet and shake the hand of State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine ,
before he had to rush off to give a speech on the island.
He was very friendly!
It was a busy day that day for my husband and I, but it was fun too.

And the people took back pleasant memories of their day on the island .
Withall the help the volunteers gave to them while they were on the island.

While we relaxed after the festivities and enjoyed yet another beautiful sunset,

and later that night

Our friends built an amazing campfire and we sat and talked
all about the days events.