Thursday, May 27, 2010


May everyone have a safe and memorable memorial day!
Let's remember that freedom really does not come free.
Many men and women have died to give us all the freedom
that we have today. So, on this memorial day weekend,
keep them and their families in our thoughts and prayers.

Have fun at your BBQ, Picinic,Party!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does size matter?
According to this little beauty it does matter!
I saw this small boat in the marina at the island and I started to laugh!
My husband asked me why I was laughing, I told him to look at the name on this boat.
He did not get it!
I told him about the phrase Does size matter, and he looked at me like I was nuts.
I could not help it I thought this boat is small and has been named size matters.
You would expect to see these saying on a huge ship, then I could see it being named this,
But on a small boat with little size to it.....I don't know it just makes me laugh.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It is not just for big city or small cities.

I found this graffiti on a switch box by the country rail road crossing.
What exactly it says I am not sure,maybe you can decipher it!
I went in closer to try to decipher it myself, but all I can see is,
Joy Two
Too whom? Hmmm , mystery.

It seems in the country the going graffiti trend is happening near the railroad crossings.
At least this one I think I can read!
It looks to me like it says
I could be wrong. But at least this one is neater then the first and actually,
you can read the Kop part very clearly,
Why do the kids do this?
I say kids because I don't really think from the childish graffiti,
that an adult would have drawn this, I would hope an adult would have
took more time and made it more artistic!
I could be wrong.
More pictures from the island.

Pool, was not ready yet and this was a hot weekend.
And it being Canadian weekend, we were not the only campers
 that would have loved to have the pool opened.

I had to laugh when I looked at this sign!
Now the question is ...
Do the Olympics need to go 5 MPH or
Do the lovers have to take it slow??

These geese were honking in the marina ,as we were walking by.
I think they thought they owned the place!
As we walked up they made their way down to the water.

I caught this sunset as we were walking around the island.
On the island you never know what color the sunset will be,
it all depends on the clouds and atmosphere.
I love how this came out!

I could not resist the way the light glimmered off the water!
The added feature was the trees and the grass and how they
Shadowed the view making it an awsome picture for me .

On the island at the entrance to the marina there she stands!
Now I find it kind of odd, the island has
American flag flying alone, when down by the store they
usually have both american and canadian flags flying.
This year how ever was different,they did not have
 the Canadian flag flying.
And this weekend past was the Canadian Mermorial day weekend.
Now the Canadians use the marina when they are there as much
if not more then the Americans.
I just find it odd that they do not have a canadian flag flying this year ,
nor do they ever have one flying by the Marina.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well we made that long trip to the island!

Where the waters are always blue!
And the sunsets are always amazing!

The birds are plenty and wonderful to look at!
And when there are clouds they are interesting to gaze at!

And the reflection of sunlight on the clouds is enchanting!

Now we are back well rested and ready to face the work days ahead.
I hate to leave this island!
I wish I owned this island, I would never ever leave.
I also wish I could show my daughters and granddaughter and son in law
 the island up close , but then again they are not interested in camping there.
 If you need to relax and get away may I suggest the island?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have heard of a horse becoming useless and being out out to pasture.
I guess the owners of this truck decided it was time to put this old truck,
out to pasture.
I will bet in its time this truck was very useful!
Maybe it was used to take farm produce to market,
or maybe it was used to take hay from the field to the barn.
What ever it was used for, it is obvious now that it is no longer needed.
And so it is retired or so to speak put out to pasture!      

Monday, May 17, 2010

You have heard the saying, "Gone but not forgotten."

Well memorial day is coming up and I thought
I would write a post about it.
I drove by this cemetary and it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Could it be that these people's family and friends have also pasted on?
Is that why the grass grows and the stones lean and the stones are not cleaned?
They just don't have anymore relatives and friends to take care of their memories?

Or are they the forgotten few?
Is life really just a whisper in time?
Could life really be that sublime?
What ever happened to perpetual care?
Where are the towns and villages , why are they not caring for these cemetaries?

On this memorial day weekend, lets not let our loved ones,
 family and friends be among the forgotten.
Lets really put the words into the saying
"Gone  .... and ..... NOT FORGOTTEN!"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ah does this not look like a nice place to relax by?
Don't let a picture fool you!
This lake is polluted so bad that
a dog took a drink of the water and died.
Now if this was in a brochure I would think ,
Oh how I would like to dip my toes in the water!
But dipping your toes in this water could give you some kind of infection.
Bathing is not allowed on these waters.
So, remember a nice looking photo of a cloudy day by what appears to be a
wonderful lake, could actually be a hazard you should avoid!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baseball season has just begun!
Imagine the bases are loaded and the batter is up.
The team is playing on its home town field!
The crowds have packed the stands!
The team has players waiting in the bull pit.
The pitcher makes his best pitch, but
crack goes the bat! The batter is now running
for all he is worth to make it to first base
without being tagged out.

Ahhhh I can't wait!
I found this guy walking along like he owned the beach!

Then there was this guy , he was looking a little curious.

I love this photo!
I could have patted him on his little head!

I had a friend once tell me,
 you can tell the adults from the younger seagulls,
She said the younger seagulls have spots on them,
 and the older adults do not.
How true this is I am not sure.

IF the spot thing is true this is an older adult seagull.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I was driving along when I spotted
 these calves in the field, near the road side.
I took this one's picture,

Isn't she cute?

The best part is she looked right at me as I am taking her picture,
and she started to come towards the car.

She kept coming closer so I decided I should drive away.

She stood there, as I started to drive away,
almost as though she was wondering why I was leaving.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is it a snake?
I thought , when i first saw it,
how it looks like a snake moving across the grassy knoll.This fascinated me!
Then I realized it was not moving.
I zoomed in closer, and found,

In all actuality it is nothing more then a fallen branch from a tree.
Oh how our imaginations can run wild , if we let them.
I've got my eye on you!
Looks like this seagull is watching me ,
just incase I take the wrong bird's picture.

Actually the seagull was flying by and when I snapped the picture of the duck,
The seagull was right there.
I had thought oh great now that picture can't be used.
Then I got the idea
"I've got my eye on you!"

I could not have gotten much closer or he would have flown away.
I have to tell you I just love this type of duck,I believe he is called a Mallard duck.
I found him off the shore line of a local lake.
He seemed more relaxed in this picture, like he is thinking
 she is not going to come closer so I can sit here,but I will keep my eye on her.
I am guessing he had a itch to scratch.

Ok lady I am leaving now,nice watching you take pictures.

Have a nice day Lady!

I really enjoyed snapping this duck's pictures!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I went to a garage sale and found a treasure.
We went to a local garage sale last Friday and I found a few things to purchase.
But of all the things I purchased I found a real treasure in this glass basket.
I love the flower outlay and the way the handle comes up and appears to be the leaves.
The red and the pinks and the clear glass made this a true find for me.
When I first spotted this glass basket I thought they will want $3.00 for it,
it is to pretty to ask less. Was I wrong!
I picked up this piece for just .75 cents, I was so excited!
How could they let it go so cheap, why would they?
I think this is a very lovely piece to look at if not practical.
I have also come to the conclusion I love glass baskets shaped like this one.
I have one other and it is a bird one where the wings of the bird come up for the handle.
I think I will start a collection of these baskets.
Just beacuse they are so lovely to look at!
To me these will always be a treasure.
"You Don't Bring me flowers anymore!"
That is the name of a song, I am glad it is not my song.
On mother's day my darling hubby brought me this rose.
To show his love for me.
Oh, he got me other things as well!
I just loved this rose cause I know how much he wanted to just buy flowers,
and I told him I did not want any flowering plants,so he bought me this one rose.
We had a very fun and enjoyable day together on mother's day.
I received phone calls from my children filled with love and good wishes,
 and though I had wished I could be with my kids,
My husband made me fell better, he made me feel like I was the only woman
in the world that deserved a rose that day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This little garden is for all the mothers out there!
I wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to all the moms who read my post!
To all those who have mothers,
  to all those who are mothers,
 and lets not forget, to all the mothers who have passed away.
What would the world be like without mothers?
I mean who would have the children,
 and who would deal with all the ups and downs of being a mother?
So for all those thousands of mothers out there and the ones in heaven,