Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don't you just love clouds?
I love to see the puffy, billowing clouds!
I love the way the sun can hit on these clouds and just make them so beautiful!
I love the way the land scape shadows against a well lite sky with snowy white clouds!
I especially love cloud over a body of water.all the contrasting that
happens on one of these amazing days !
The whole thing makes me want to sit and watch the skies forever!

Monday, June 28, 2010

We were visiting when the warning for a torndo came across a weather scanner.
The skies became cloudy but in a strange way! 

Then from the rado we heard there was a possible tornado out our way,
so we took a ride away from that area.

These clouds almost look like a tail across a portion of the sky.

The photos were taken with my cell phone of the sky and the clouds.

Then the rain came and the wind picked up and I have to tell you it got cold quick!
This is one of the Clouds as we were heading home.
We heard on the radio that there was a possibility of it touching down near our area,so we
drove the opposite way and
the skies were not much better this way either!
So we took a ride away from  our area.
Though these were taken on my cell phone, the colors are some what accurate.
               The good news is the tornado never developed and there were no severe damages reported!

Where does a duck go to eat and get out of the weather?
Well, to the Duck Hut of course!
This hut is real and it is located in a local park, seems the people love the ducks so much
they built this duck hut for them to eat and be out of the weather a bit. And there is
Always some corn or feed in the dish for the ducks.

And in this same little park they have a unique idea of what to do with a old plastic boat.

How clever are these people?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is this a creek or a creak?
It is all in how you pronounce it, I have heard Creek pronounced creek and
I have heard creek pronounced creak.
Anyway you pronounce creek, the sound of one running through the woodland is a beautiful sound!
And if you are lucky you might follow the creek and find
an amzing waterfall at the other end!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I saw this out of the corner of my eye, on my way back from an assignment I had to do.
My husband was with me and he was testy as he wanted to get home.
He knew I was stopping the car for a camera shot, little did he know that I was looking at this.

It was this beautiful hawk!
And he was not a small one either he was a large hawk!
The indians say, we have spiritual guides that help us through life.
They believe that if you see an animal regularly then that is your spiritual guide.
Mine must be a hawk, because I am always seeing them.
They other day I pulled over to take a picture of one and he flew away,
but today this one just sat right there  for me .

I wanted one more good picture but the hawk had enough and he quickly crouched down,
and away he flew, I did not even get a chance to get a picture
 of him clearly or in flight as he was that quick.
That is why this photo came out so blurry, sorry about that!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is just to cool everyone off a bit during these humid ,muggy days!
I saw these wild lillies growing along side the road,and I could not resist!

I think these are just great,especially the orange against the green!
This looks so cool!

I got out of the car and took a couple close ups,I like how the camera
kind of blurred the back ground, but brought out
the brillant color of the lily.
I took a picture of these 2 leaning against the utility pole,
but I have to say my favorite shot is the one before this with the single lily.

I was driving along when I spotted this figure on the remains of a concrete pier.

I pulled over and got out of the car to get a better shot of what this was.
I still could not get a good shot but, I think it is a blue herron.

YES it is a Herron Bird!!

And he decided to pose so I could get a good shot of him!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Have you heard about the church in the wild woods?
Well here it is , but the woods are not so wild anymore.
This is a very nice church to attend and the people in this town are friendly most of the time.
I have to admitt there are a lot of changes taking place to the property as well as the congregation and
the services, they are nothing like they used to be...kind of makes me wonder WHY?
When my grandfather preached at this church we were Methodist and we had the Methodist ways.
Now they are trying to incorporate some catholic ways,some evangelical ways,some Methodist ways.
It is not the Church I once attended,and I have to admit I do so miss that!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

IS it a Ghost?
Some people would post a picture like this on there paranormal site as a Ghost, orb.
Spirit , Entity.

See how this moves and makes another shape,is it an angel, or is it a fairy?

See the wings? See the mini body?
And then it goes back to the original shape.
Isn't that amazing?

So is it a ghost, a spirit, an orb, an angel, a fairy?

Would you believe it is nothing more then a reflection
 off a plastic lid upon my livingroom ceiling!

Which goes to show you,
you can imagine anything when dealing with what you capture on film or digital camera.

Sometime I would like  to display a ghost on this blog...just so people can see what is really taking place.

Oh by the way an Orb is nothing more then light reflection on the camera lens reflecting back and being captured on the picture.

ALWAYS QUESTION  what you see  that people display on sites as Ghosts,spirit, orbs, angels, fairies/

There are so many way to replicate  these type of pictures.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

People ask me why I like lillies so much and ,
how could I like a flower that does not have a sweet smell?
And I answer them by simple saying I have no idea , but I do like lillies!

I think I might like them because of their simplicity and colors,
and the fact that they are simple to find, some can be found along the highways,
others can be grown.

But lillies are not the only flowers I like, I really enjoy all kinds of flowers!
Especially if they are brilliant with color!

I do so love daisies too!
I always think of that song,
"I'll bring you a daisy a day, I'll love you until,
The rivers run still and the
Mounatins they all pass away!"
Ah the daisy , I also am reminded of the childhood saying,
when you pluck each pedal one by one and say
"He loves me, He loves me Not"
Until you get down to the last pedal and what ever you say then, is how he loves you!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Over the weekend my granddaughter was showing me
how she could skateboard.

It fascinates me how a child of 9 can maneuver On one of these boards,
if you look close she is tipping the board to the side a bit, apparently so she can make a turn.
She showed me how she could tip from side to side and how she can maneuver the board now.
She said she is trying to make the board jump and turn over,
so she can land back down on it after the flip.
I say GOOD FOR YOU,keep that sense of skill seeking .
Remember with practice in time you will succeed!

Monday, June 14, 2010

This duck landed at the baseball field,right behind the parents and families lawn chairs.
It started to walk toward the camera as if to say,
Ok lady take the picture!
Then it turned sideways and just stood there in this pose,like,
"Is this side better?"
I have never seen a duck so people friendly
when no one was feeding it.
My grandaughter even got a shot of it.
Seemed like it did not care who was taking the picture,
just as long as it could pose.
This duck just stood and posed for a while,
My grandaughter took this picture of it.
"Hey little girl didn't the lady like my other side ?"
"Is this side better?

"How do you think my photo shoot went ?"

Then,the duck turned and walked away as if to say:
Well I have to leave now,Nice posing for you!
Enjoy the photos!