Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't you just love a camp fire?
One that has a nice flame rising from it , on a cool night.
A good camp fire you can gaze into the flames and a
animal looks like it is there.
"This one looks like a crocodile in the flames."
You can gaze into the fire and day dream about what ever you want,
as the golden glow takes your mind to many places.

Or you can roast a few marshmellows as long as they,
Don't fall off your stick and into the fire.
What a way to warm up on a cool night
 then to sit in a Chair and feel the heat coming from the fire.

I just love a camp fire on a cool quite night!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Have you ever wondered,
how so many people can afford to own a boat?
Not only do they have the money to buy the boat,
But they have to pay for a slip at the marina for their boat.
And though I love boats and being out on the water!
Think about the expenses, the cost of the boat,the insurance on the boat,
The cost of the boat slip at the marina, the gas to go out boating.
The trailer and the vehicle to transport the boat to the marina,
and the insurance on those.
All of this just for a few hours of boating...hmmm..thinking,
No it is not worth all that expense to me.
I can get a boat ride from a boat rental place and pay far less, thank you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coming back from my daughters house tonight I was worrying about my husband.
See he had this procedure done and found out he has a 55% blockage in the artery of his heart.
I was sliently praying to GOD that he will be ok.
When something told me to look over to the right and there in all it's glory was
this amazing sky. And I felt a peace come over me like everything will be alright.
It was as though GOD had touched the sky to let me know that things will be ok.
You could not have made a more perfect sky,
the sun rays were twice as brilliant as this picture depicks.
GOD really is GREAT!
And his glory shows in the sky above.
GOD sent down his peace and love!
Thank you GOD for the peace and the contenment in my time of need!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silhouettes  against the night sky!
A runner runs along the shore line just as the sun starts to set.
2 works carry things to a different destination.
A man ponders the sunset and the amazing skies.
2 people in love enjoy a quiet evening watching the sunset.

A man stands on the shore looking back his wife, the photographer,
he wonders why so many pictures of Silhouettes and why
he has to be one of them.

Friday, July 9, 2010

What do they say?
A good day of boating is better then a bad day at work.
Or is it a good day of fishing,
 is better then a bad day at work?

Who would not want to be out on this water boating ,
when the temps are so hot the past couple days?
Even jet skiing would be better then sitting in this heat!
Yes I think it is a Good day on the water,
is better then a bad day at work , or a bad day
just sitting in the heat!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

On the island there is a inlet for the marina,
a lot of people fish at the inlet. Some catch
catfish, sunfish,perch, pike.
But there is this little bitty fish that lives along the rock wall.
If you drop your line in with a worm on the hook, with in seconds you will
catch a small little fish they call a goby(pronounced go-bee).
This tiny little fish ,you would think would be no problem
to the fishing community. But they are eating all the food
that perch and other fish thrive on.
You are told if you catch them to throw them on the shore,
for the birds to eat. They have over populated the waterways.
And are considered a nusiance by fishermen.
Now you may ask how they got here, from what I understand,
They came in on ships from overseas that cross through the
Saint Lawerence Seaway. I assume that they ride in the water at the base ,
and when the boat is docked they escape out into our waters.
Their free ride may cost them their life.

I personally had never seen such a fish,and I thought how
amazing they are to look at. I never would have suspected they
would be such a problem.


Monday, July 5, 2010

We have a wonderful weekend,
at Association Island!

They have the best sunsets on the island!
There is always an amazing shoreline at night the picture shows some of the color,
But you have to see it in person, it is amazing!
Now this picture depicits the actual colors,no adjustments.
I told you they have amazing sunsets!
These too are the true colors!
How can one resist such an amazing sunset?
I was amazed when I took this picture and saw this cross!
This island truly is blessed!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well there is another funky sky tonight,but pretty!
Pink and blue and white and grey.
It looks like heaven is opening and everything around it just glowed.